In Design: Augusta County – Interstate 81 Southbound Auxiliary Lane and Route 635 Bridge Replacement

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The primary purpose of this project is to provide an auxiliary southbound travel lane on Interstate 81 between exit 221 and exit 220 in Augusta County.

The project would construct the lane between the I-81 southbound on-ramp from westbound I-64 at exit 221 and the I-81 southbound off-ramp to Route 262 (Woodrow Wilson Parkway) at exit 220. This work essentially connects the two ramps and creates an additional lane and provides additional space for merging traffic from I-64 to I-81.

The existing Route 635 bridge piers do not allow adequate room for the additional lane and shoulder, or for any future widening of I-81. The new bridge would be built in the same location to reduce project cost and duration. Part of Route 635 would be closed for about 18 months during construction. Route 635 traffic would follow a roughly 13-mile detour.

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The total estimated cost for this project is $14,326,755 including $1,110,000 for preliminary engineering, $596,915 for right of way and $12,619,840 for construction.

This project receives funding through the Interstate 81 Corridor Improvement Program. Details about the program are at


The I-81 auxiliary lane will enhance safety and improve traffic flow by allowing drivers additional time to speed up or slow down when merging on or off the interstate.

Major Milestones 

Consideration for Design Approval: Late Summer 2021

Begin Right of Way Acquisition: Fall 2022

Construction advertisement: Late 2023


Contact Info:

Jennifer Hoover, P.E.

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Major funding source: Interstate 81 Corridor Improvement Program

UPC: 116279

State ID: 0081-007-019, B633, C501, P101, R201

Federal ID: NHPP-081-2(327)

Lat/Long: 38.11271, -79.05696

Locality: Augusta

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I-81 Exit 221-220 Auxiliary Lane and Route 635 Bridge Replacement - Plan Display
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Route 635 (Barterbrook Road) Bridge Over I-81
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View of I-81 Southbound Acceleration Lane from Route 635 Bridge
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Aerial View of I-81 and Route 635 Bridge

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