In Design: Interstate 81 Harrisonburg-Area Widening (Exit 243 to Exit 247)

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‌The purpose of this project is to address existing and future capacity needs along I-81 mile marker 242.2 to 248.5 while improving operational safety and reliability, limiting impacts to existing access ramps and interchanges, and repairing or replacing deficient bridge components within the project.

Specific improvements include:

  • One additional lane northbound and southbound from approximately one mile south of the exit 243 (Route 11) interchange near Pleasant Valley Road to approximately one mile north of the exit 247 (Route 33/East Market Street) interchange.
  • Repair, widen and/or replace the existing mainline bridges within the project limits.
  • Maintain or improve operational safety with the installation of concrete median barrier and through improved signs and pavement markings.
  • Make sensible use of existing pavement and rights-of way to accomplish the capacity improvements.

To view design-plan displays for each segment of this project, click the Public Outreach tab on the right side of this page.

The total estimated cost for this project is $271,786,995, including $22,064,000 for preliminary engineering, $10,270,000 for right of way and $239,452,995 for construction.


Enhance safety, ease existing congestion and provide for future capacity needs.

Major Milestones 

Project plan approval - Early 2023

Right of Way - Early 2023

Construction advertisement - Spring 2024


Contact Info:

Scott Alexander, P.E.

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Harrisonburg Widening Podcast

Major funding source: I-81 Corridor Improvement Program

UPC: 116280

State ID: 0081-115-270, C501, P101, R201

Federal ID: NHPP-813(199)

Lat/Long: 38.42412, -78.87939

Locality: Harrisonburg

Page last modified: Sept. 27, 2021