Recently Completed: Page County – Route 211/340, West Main Street, Northcott Drive – Roundabout and Intersection Improvements

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This project modifies three intersections in the vicinity of the Town of Luray in Page County. The intersections are located at:

• Northcott Drive and West Main Street (Route 211 Business)
• Northcott Drive and Route 211/340 (Lee Highway)
• West Main Street (Route 211 Business) at Route 211/340 (Lee Highway)

Northcott Drive is located next to Carillion Park in the Town of Luray, connecting with West Main Street at its southern end and with Route 211/340 at its northern end.

A roundabout will be built at Northcott Drive and West Main Street. The roundabout will have 18-foot wide pavement with 18-foot-wide truck apron and a vegetated center island. West Main Street will be 36-feet wide with curb and gutter at the roundabout entrance.

Additional information about roundabouts is available on this VDOT web page.

On Northcott Drive at Route 211/340, Northcott Drive will be realigned, eliminating a small hill, and will feature a traffic island with a right-turn lane from Northcott onto Route 211/340. Northcott Drive will have curb and gutter with two 11-foot lanes and a five foot wide concrete sidewalk on both sides.

On West Main Street at Route 211/340 a concrete median will be installed allowing only right-in and right-out turns at this intersection. Left-turns from West Main Street onto Route 211/340 will be eliminated.

Project plans are scheduled to be approved in fall 2017, with right of way activities beginning in early 2019.  Construction advertisement is in fall 2021.

The total estimated cost for this project is $2,871,596 including $420,703 for preliminary engineering, $585,273 for right of way, and $1,865,620 for construction.

In 2014 Northcott Drive had an average daily traffic count of 1,030 vehicles per day.  By the design year of 2040 the estimated average daily traffic volume is 1,600 vehicles per day. 

In 2014 Main Street had an average daily traffic count of 7,500 vehicles per day.  By the design year of 2040 the estimated average daily traffic volume is 10,000 vehicles per day. 

*This project was selected for funding under SMART SCALE, the new prioritization process as outlined in House Bill Two.  Click here for more information on the prioritization process.


This project will increase safety in the area of Route 211/340 (Lee Highway) and Northcott Drive with the installation of a roundabout, which will improve traffic flow into and out of the Town of Luray.  Driver visibility will be improved with the reduction of a hill on Northcott Drive.

Crashes are anticipated to be reduced at the Route 211/340 intersection with Main Street by installing a concrete median, which will eliminate left-turns from Main Street onto Route 211/340.


Contact Info:

David B. Atwood, P.E.
(540) 743-1420

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UPC: 88300

State ID: U000-159-183,P101, R201, C501

Federal ID: STP-5159(118)

Lat/Long: 38.663919, -78.480029

Locality: Page

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Realignment work on Northcott Drive - September 2022
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Roundabout construction at Main Street and Northcott Drive - September 2022

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