In Design: Rockingham County – Route 33 (Spotswood Trail) at Route 620 (Indian Trail Road) Intersection Improvements

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This project will improve the US Route 33 (Spotswood Trail) and Route 620 (Indian Trail Road) intersection. 

Currently US Route 33 eastbound has a 300-foot left-turn lane onto Route 620. The project adds an additional 100 feet for a total eastbound left turn-lane length of 400 feet.

The project also improve the existing Route 620 thru-left/right lane at US Route 33. Route 620 will be widened to accommodate a thru-right turn lane and a 250 foot designated left-turn only lane.

In 2018 Route 620 had an average daily traffic count of 2,300 vehicles per day.  By the design year of 2045 the estimated average daily traffic volume is 2,900 vehicles per day. 


The US Route 33 lane extension will significantly improve traffic flow that is currently congesting the through movements, causing back-ups and accidents due to stopped vehicles in the through lane.

Turn lane improvements on Route 620 will reduce back-ups and conflicts on this road.


Contact Info:

Alexander Alvarado, EIT

UPC: 115719

State ID: 0033-082-899,M501, P101, R201

Federal ID: STP-5132(155)

Lat/Long: 38.392687, -78.810537

Locality: Rockingham

Page last modified: March 27, 2023