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Rockingham County – Route 33 Arterial Management Plan Between City of Harrisonburg and Town of Elkton

Project at a Glance
Begin Date
September 2020

Est Completion Date
December 2021




Brad Reed, AICP


US-33 serves as the primary east-west corridor in Rockingham County, passing through several designated urban growth areas. With over 550 crashes in the 5-year period from 2015-2019 and carrying up to 26,000 vehicles per day, the ~13-mile section of US-33 between the City of Harrisonburg and the Town of Elkton has been identified by local leaders and VDOT Staunton District as a corridor in need of solutions to improve safety and maintain capacity amid anticipated growth.

The purpose of an Arterial Management Plan is to develop a holistic approach that identifies ways to maintain safe travel conditions and preserve the capacity of the Commonwealth’s arterial highway network without cost-prohibitive large-scale roadway widening and additional traffic signals. This plan will provide local leaders and VDOT with a set of short- to long-term policy and infrastructure recommendations to meet these goals by reimagining the existing corridor and its intersections, and more effectively controlling future access.

Localities involved in the study include Rockingham County, the Town of Elkton, and the City of Harrisonburg. The Harrisonburg-Rockingham Metropolitan Planning Organization (HRMPO) is also a key stakeholder. VDOT operates and maintains US 33, and has a multidisciplinary team involved in the study effort.

Learn more about VDOT's Arterial Management Plans here.

Study Documents and Resources

Public Engagement Video - Fall 2021

Draft Corridor Recommendations - September 2021

Concept Development Meeting #2 - July 2021

Concept Development Meeting #1 - June 2021

Summary of Responses to Survey #1

Draft Existing Conditions & Forecasting Report

US 33 Arterial Management Plan Existing Conditions Meeting

US 33 Arterial Management Plan Kick-Off Meeting

US 33 Study Area

Public Input

A second public survey runs through October 22, 2021. This survey gathers feedback on recommendations to improve travel conditions on Route 33 in Rockingham County between Harrisonburg and Elkton. We focus on the 9 intersections with the largest share of public comments from the previous survey and ask you to rate and prioritize the study team's proposed improvements.

A short video summarizing the survey, the study background, and project recommendations is available here. The Draft Corridor Recommendations document linked above provides the full set of recommendations along the corridor. Participants are encouraged to view the video and check out the Corridor Recommendations document prior to taking the survey.

MetroQuest Survey - Route 33, Rockingham County

The survey was unavailable on the morning of October 18, but is now live again. Survey access will remain open until Friday, October 22.

The first online survey was conducted from February 15, 2021 through March 15, 2021 and received over 2,400 responses. The focus of this survey was to gather opinions on travel experiences within the study area between The City of Harrisonburg and the Town of Elkton. Responses were used to supplement a data-driven analysis of existing conditions and inform recommendations to address identified issues. A summary of responses can be downloaded from the Study Documents and Resources section above.

Study Timeline

  • A study kickoff meeting was held with localities, VDOT, and the HRMPO in September 2020
  • Traffic and crash data collection and field investigation was performed November-December 2020. Traffic data collected during the COVID-19 pandemic was adjusted based on reference data from before the pandemic.
  • An online public survey was conducted from February 15, 2021 through March 15, 2021.
  • The study team developed a forecast of future traffic conditions for the year 2040 based on anticipated growth patterns.
  • Potential solutions to issues defined through the existing conditions analysis and survey were tested and discussed by the study team. These concepts can be viewed in the ‘Concept Development Meeting’ documents section above.
  • The preferred recommendations for the corridor were further developed with sketches, cost estimates, and anticipated benefits to share with the public in a second survey released in Fall 2021. Draft corridor recommendations are shared in the documents section above.
  • Next steps: Refine study recommendations based on responses from the second public survey, then incorporate them into a final report.
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