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Rockingham County – Town of Elkton - Transportation Mobility Study

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Elkton downtown bordered by Stuart Avenue (US 340) to the east, Spotswood Trail (Bus. 33) to the south, and Spotswood Avenue to the northwest



Adam Campbell

Study Overview

The Town of Elkton Area Study is a cooperative, planning level study between the Town, the Central Shenandoah Planning District Commission (CSPDC) and the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) that focuses on identifying future multimodal transportation needs and improvement recommendations for the Town.  The study limits consist of the general downtown area of Elkton bordered by Stuart Avenue (US 340) to the east, Spotswood Trail (Bus. 33) to the south, and Spotswood Avenue to the northwest.  The study forecasts the anticipated transportation demands for the year 2040 to evaluate the existing transportation network and develop future transportation recommendations. 

The December 2015 draft of the study can be viewed in PDF format here.

Purpose and Need

  • Evaluate the existing transportation system within the study area to identify gaps between the current transportation network and future needs based on anticipated growth and land uses of the Town.
  • Develop future year 2040 improvement scenarios that address the needs identified during the evaluation process. The study will include recommendations related to all modes of transportation based upon capacity, safety, and connectivity.
  • Analysis of improvement scenarios to determine if the recommendations fill the need gaps identified in the initial evaluation of the existing transportation system.

Development of Recommendations

Initial existing year and future year 2040 evaluations of the transportation network within the study area indicated that the existing network adequately accommodates anticipated vehicular traffic growth. Therefore, the study focuses on improving the pedestrian and bicycle network within the Town and identifying opportunities for expanding parking areas within the downtown area.  The study recommendations will improve connectivity within the town and enhance safety for all users of the transportation network. The Town of Elkton is also in proximity to numerous recreational opportunities including Shenandoah National Park and the Skyline Drive, Massanutten Resort, and the Shenandoah River. The implementation of non-vehicular transportation accommodations may result in an enhanced regional connectivity for the Town from a tourism and recreational perspective. Two future year improvement recommendation scenarios have been developed for the study area and presented to Town representatives and CSPDC staff for review and comment.

Study Timeline

Public Participation Meeting took place January 11, 2016.

Questions, suggestions, and recommendations from the Public Participation Meeting were evaluated as part of the finalized study, which was submitted to the Town of Elkton for incorporation into its transportation planning.

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