Under Construction: Staunton City - Staunton Crossing Street Extension

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This project will construct a 0.85-mile-long urban road on a new location by extending Crossing Way through the Staunton Crossing development site to Valley Center Drive. The proposed road will be three lanes wide, including a single through lane in each direction and a center turn lane. There will be a 10-foot shared use path along the roadway.

The project will also include a 100-space park-and-ride lot with designated parking for future electric-vehicle charging facilities, and a transit stop with space for a future bus shelter.

The total cost for this project is approximately $8.7 million, which includes $840,000 for preliminary engineering and $7.9 million for construction.

This project received $6,807,589 in SMART SCALE funding from an application submitted by the City of Staunton. The remainder of the funding is covered by local contributions, federal funds and other state funds.

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The project will provide a new connection between Route 250 (Richmond Avenue) and North Frontier Drive. It will also improve access to transportation options with the inclusion of a park-and-ride lot and a new transit facility.

Major Milestones 

Project Location/Design Approval: Spring 2020

Right of Way: N/A

Construction advertisement: Spring 2022


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Jamie Robertson, P.E.

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UPC: 111048

State ID: U000-132-350

Lat/Long: 38.136944, -79.035000

Locality: Staunton

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Crossing Way Extension (August 2023)

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