Under Construction: Warren County – Interstate 81 Exit 300 Southbound Acceleration Ramp Extension and Bridge Widening over Route 840 (Water Plant Road)

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This project extends the Interstate 81 southbound exit 300 acceleration lane from the Interstate 66 westbound ramp. The purpose of this project is to to safely accommodate merging traffic and growing truck volumes on Interstate 81 at the south end of the exit 300 interchange.

The project extends the existing southbound 1,400-foot acceleration lane and 250-foot taper to a 2,030-foot acceleration lane with a 300-foot taper. The 128-foot long southbound bridge over Route 840 (Water Plant Road) will be widened from 42 feet to 54 feet to accommodate the extended lane. A small drainage structures may need to be extended.

During construction temporary closures will occur on Route 840 to place beams for the I-81 bridge over Route 840. In 2020 the daily average traffic count was estimated at 557 vehicles per day. For the design year of 2042 the estimated average daily traffic volume is 672 vehicles per day.

All interstate work will be performed in the median and the project will not have any right-of-way impacts.


The purpose of this project is to improve mainline operations and improve safety at the high-speed merge of traffic onto southbound I-81 from I-66 westbound.

Major Milestones 

Project plan approval - Fall 2020

Construction Start - Summer 2022


Contact Info:

David B. Atwood, P.E.
(540) 743-1420

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UPC: 111054

State ID: 0081-093-807,P101, C501, B601

Lat/Long: 39.005833, -78.308056

Locality: Warren

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I-81 Southbound Bridge Work Near Exit 300 - August 2023

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