Virginia Transportation Modeling Program

Virginia Statewide Travel Demand Model

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Base Year:

Forecast Year:

2015 Population:

Entire State of Virginia

Internal TAZs:
4,997 (Total); 4,746 (VA) and 251 (Non-VA)

 CUBE Voyager

Trip Purposes:




Time Period Modeled:

AM, Mid-day, PM, Night


Passenger Vehicle, Air,Rail, Bus,Heavy Trucks 

Regional Characteristics

The primary model area includes the entire state and portions of surrounding states in order to adequately capture travel into and out of the state. Likewise in order to sufficiently characterize long-distance interstate passenger and freight movements, the continental United States is included in the model area as well. However, the model is intended to forecast intercity (non-urbanized) travel primarily within the state of Virginia.

Travel Characteristics


By trip purpose, the other (44.6%) is the highest, followed by recreation (31.9%), and the last is Business (23.5%).By modes, besides the auto (96.4%), rail (1.7%) is more popular than bus (1.2%) and air (0.7%).Two “Special Generator” trip tables were created for the Virginia Statewide Transportation Model. For the airports, there are 11 airports and the total daily trips is 232,433 for year 2015. Another is for the recreation locations, such as Virginia Beach, Kings Dominion, and Colonial Williamsburg etc. The total daily trips for 2015 is 497,347.


Freight Model was developed by different Commodity Groups (CG). There are 16 CG being taken into consideration. The majority is Gravel and Crushed Stone (18.5%), followed by Coal (14.7%), and the least is Natural Sands (1.8%). By mode the largest freight movements (by tonnage) are trucks with 74.4%, followed by carload (21.7%), intermodal (2.2%), water (1.6%) and air (0.03%).

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