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As part of our continued effort to provide greater transparency and access to our local partners, Local Assistance Division (LAD) in partnership with VDOT Location & Design (L&D) CADD section are implementing the ProjectWise Deliverables Management system for all locally administered projects. Please continue reading to learn more about this initiative, the rollout schedule and upcoming training opportunities.

The ProjectWise Deliverables Management software streamlines coordination between local partners and VDOT on project deliverables and information. Local partners accesses an online portal to submit critical documents. Using the portal is intuitive and free of charge. All account setup is handled by VDOT.

Through the online portal, localities utilize the transmittal application to create a submittal package. The duration of the review is automatically generated based on the submittal type. The VDOT project coordinator acknowledges package and begins the review process utilizing project team members. At the completion of the review, the local partner will be notified and provided with the submittal status (approved, approved with comment, revise/revisit, or rejected).

  • Centralizes project information for all project team members, internally and externally
  • Improves continuity by providing new team members with historical submittals, documents and comments
  • Reduces file size issues experienced with email
  • Ability for team members to delegate workload when away from the office

Beginning in March 2021, training and portal access will be provided to each district during a specified period.   This allows our trainers to offer smaller classes.   Initial rollout should be complete by spring 2022.  Below are the districts and the associated training period.     




March 2021, April 2021

Hampton Roads

April, May, June 2021


July, August 2021


July, August 2021


September, October 2021


September, October 2021


November, December 2021


November, December 2021


November, December 2021

Statewide Catch-up

January, February, March 2022

Each project team member has a different role and responsibility within the deliverables management system.   Find out which training is right for you by reading the team roles below.

VDOT Project Coordinators

This training is tailored towards the VDOT primary project point of contact who is responsible for receiving, acknowledging and routing submittals as appropriate to other VDOT project team members.   This individual will also provide the locality with the final response on the submittal.  Generally, these users are VDOT project coordinators and/or VDOT construction managers.    Supervisors or other team members that may serve as backup to the primary point of contact should also attend.  

VDOT Project Teams

This training is appropriate for VDOT staff primarily responsible for reviewing and commenting on submittals.   Generally, these team members are subject matter experts either at the district or Central Office level.  

Locality Project Teams

This training is geared towards non-VDOT project managers and team members who will be submitting transmittals or need access to documentation in the ProjectWise Deliverables Management portal.   This team may include project managers, local governmental staff, and consultants.  

VDOT U Registration 

For more information on VDOT University Virtual Campus or creating an account, visit the website

To learn more about the ProjectWise Deliverable Management system, please go to: Online Deliverables Management Software - Transmittals, RFIs (bentley.com)


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