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Welcome to the Virginia Department of Transportation's Northern Virginia District Traffic Management Web site.  Northern Virginia’s Smart Travel Program uses advanced technology such as computer software, hardware and electronic field equipment, to provide direct benefits to area residents, travelers and businesses by improving transportation safety and efficiency. 

The program has been providing timely information to assist drivers in making informed decisions on when, where and how to travel.  The local implementation of VDOT's Statewide Traffic Management Program includes multiple locations, activities, facilities, technology tools, a skilled staff and a number of components. These various components, unique in their blend of technology, resources and "people power" are essential to the overall success of Smart Travel: 

  • Planning for the Future - The Northern Virginia Smart Travel Program begins with detailed planning, moves through implementation and then includes thorough evaluation. The planning documentations that provide strategic direction for Northern Virginia Smart Travel Program's investment can be downloaded from the statewide program Web site. Through Information Technology Systems (ITS) Architecture, VDOT guides communication among state, county, and local transportation, law enforcement and emergency service agencies, federal agencies, and counterpart agencies in Maryland and the District of Columbia. The architecture is a map of existing linkages and a plan for further ITS implementation that can evolve to meet changing conditions.

    Traffic Operations Center - It is an integrated nerve center of advanced technology that VDOT uses to monitor, manage and improve traffic, recognize and respond to incidents and deliver instant information to motorists.
  • Incident Management - A primary mission of the full-range of Smart Travel’s technology resources is to detect and respond to incidents and to restore traffic flow quickly.  Northern Virginia's Safety Service Patrol helps attain this mission. VDOT is a lead participant in a multi-jurisdictional wireless network project, the Capital Wireless Integrated Network. This initiative enhances emergency response communications between multiple jurisdictions and disciplines throughout the region.

  •  Smart Traffic Signal System - Traffic signals are designed to ensure a safe and orderly flow of traffic, provide safety for pedestrians and vehicles while crossing a busy intersection and help lessen the severity and frequency of accidents between vehicles entering intersections from different directions.

  • Traveler Information Service - Providing useful and current information to motorists is a key element of the Smart Travel Program.  Smart Travel provides en-route information on electronic message boards and on our Highway Advisory Radio (1620 AM).  Smart Travel also provides up-to-the-minute interstate traffic cameras that are available for viewing on so motorists can plan their commutes prior to departure. VDOT has also partnered with Trichord to make a color-coded map displaying real-time traffic conditions available to the public via NOVACommute.

  • E-Z Pass - This electronic toll collection system is located on major highways throughout Virginia, including Dulles Toll Road in Northern Virginia, that is easy to use and saves motorists time. Virginia has joined the E-Z Pass organization that covers several northeastern and Mid-Atlantic States. By Fall 2004, this partnership will allow for seamless travel on toll roads from Maine to Virginia.


Page last modified: Oct. 14, 2012